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Once Upon a Dream in Waterland

This project is officially launching in January 2018, but in my head and drafts on papers started already in early 2016. The project represents a return to my childhood, to the stories that I imagined as a child , stories that my mother read to me, that I have always dreamed about.

It is set in the Waterland, environment, which mean so much for me, where I feel at home, into the magical, uncharted depths, into the land of the endless water.

This is the story of a girl Stella, she is dreaming her lucid dream, in the water, where she was born.

The meaning of the name Stella is the Star, and this star goes through whole story and so is a piece of Stella in each character, starting with the queen of the fairies Mab and ending with red Phoenix.

All the scenes will be real and will be fully prepare by myself. I sew costumes, create props, preparing the backgrounds, make-ups, etc. I'll shoot images and take video.

This is a project that I care about very much, it's a piece of my soul, therefore is that inner need to prepare everything by myself, I want to go through the entire process, to create a piece of me. Last year was for me very challenging and full of twists and turns and I realized how grateful I am for all those wonderful friends and the women who stood by me. That's why I want dedicate this project to all the wonderful women in my life.

To my mom, my sister-in-law Katka, Barborka, grandmothers, that already are not with us, my dear friends Jana, Zela, Pavlina, Kamila, Jana, and also to Irena. Last but not least to my amazing friend Ivana, without whose support this project could not start for few more years. And a big thanks goes to my friend Cristina, for kicking me off. And also I dedicate it to Stella.

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me.

PS: the First big scene will take place a